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My 6 Healthy Habits to keep my body in shape!

1.Easy cook changes. When you cook replace the sour cream with natural yogurt with low fat; use olive oil with lemon as a dressing for your salad; instead of jam, start using fruit purée sugar free.

2.Every time you wash your teeth, do 20 squats.

3.Every day make yourself a schedule. Time management is very useful, do not forget to add in your routine 20 min workout and 10 min of stretching per day. If you don’t do it, punish yourself, and next time do twice more exercises.

4.Stop eating any artificial sugar (only fruits are allowed), bread, fat milk product. Trust me, if you do it for 1 a month, you will see your body changes and moreover after each time you will eat something little of these products, you will feel the craziest satisfaction and happiness. Be careful, do allow yourself a little pleasure once or twice a week, not more.

5.Eat carbs, fat and protein for breakfast, carbs and proteins for lunch and mostly proteins for dîner. (Tell me if you want an example of each)

6.Stop doing diets, it is only a stress for your body, you will lose weight, but then, you will gain it again very fast. Start a healthy lifestyle, make a healthy eating a pleasure and not a torture. There are thousands of healthy recipes which are tasty and even better than unhealthy ones.

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