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How to be happy without any reason?

It is time to be happy without any reason.

It is definitely hard time that we are living right now.

However, what advantages can we take from this time?

I think it is a good time to find a harmony with yourself.

We never take time to slow down and just understand ourselves.

I found 3 steps which made me feel more happy and feel love to myself:

1.Practice acceptance and gratitude.

You should remind yourself that being you and being different is amazing, that's what make our world unique and so interesting. Remember that No One is perfect, we all have our weaknesses. Wake up with a smile, say thank you for little things that you have.

2.Improve what you can change. Stop being a person who finds excuses to do sport, start your own business or learn new languages. If you are not happy with your body, start to do sport, enjoy healthy food, say to yourself that your brain and body are capable to get used to everything. You are the boss of your decisions and not anyone else. If you are tired of your boring job, start to try new things, you will never find yourself if you don't try.

3.Expand your heart and your mind with books, education, and constant learning.

When you are learning things, your mind stays young, active and brings you more emotions and feelings. You also become more interesting person and attract people who will enjoy talking to you,admire you. We should not take care too much about people’s opinion, however, it is always pleasant to be an interesting person and be surrounded by cultivated environment.

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